Create Your Own Goddess Headdress
Every Goddess needs a headdress that reflects their own divine personality.  The creation of that 
headdress shouldn't impact on our environment.  So in this six week course, you'll make a headdress 
from start to finish using mostly re-purposed  items which will tell the world who you are. 
Creative Storytelling for the Artful Soul
Tell your life story in a creative and safe way.  No specific photography, art or craft skills needed.  
Own your own story.  Tell your story in a unique way which is all about you. Leave a legacy.  

Photoshop for Composite Photography
This is for people starting out on their Photoshop journey with no or limited knowledge of Photoshop.  
Must have a laptop with Adobe PS. 
Creative Photography Challenge 
Explore the creative and quirky side of photography  both in camera and by editing.  
Must have some Photoshop skills.  

More information and dates coming soon!

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