Once Upon a Time
Safe in my Fort
Tree of Hope
Should I Follow
Take My Hand
The Tea Party
In the Doll's House
Through the Years
Set Me Free
Ties That Bind
Arrows of Love
Words That Wound
At the Grave of Broken Dreams
My Stolen Heart
Don't Say Those Words
Broken Strings
A River Of Tears
The Eternal Winter of the Heart
Where I Used to Have a Heart
Goodnight Blossom
3 am Thoughts
When Everything Hurts
Blending In
Anything I Can Do, I Can Do Better
A Balancing Act
From the Rubble
Putting it Together Again
Soaking In It
Fly Away Home
Happily Ever After

Interview prior to Exhibition opening 

Video production by Filmclass Pictures

Cry Baby 2019  

Words and Vocals by Livonne Larkins,  Music and Audio by RW Adams

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