Dancing with Opportunity

Opportunity dances with those already on the dancefloor…….Unknown

A few weeks ago, I was having a glass of wine while I sat at my computer browsing Facebook.  It was late at night and I should have gone to bed but I wasn’t sleepy.  I was quite bored as there wasn’t much happening anywhere online and I didn’t feel like working on any photos.

An artist network that I had joined previously but never really looked at suddenly sprang to mind.  I always try to listen to those sorts of messages, so I went to the network to see what was there.  In the opportunities section, I found a call for artists to join a series of workshops which would be partly held at the Art Gallery of NSW.  Without thinking, I applied as applications closed the next day.

I’d forgotten about it by morning if I’m honest, so when my phone rang and I was asked to submit some images and a bio, I didn’t even remember what I had applied for.  I looked it up online,  sent my images through and was unbelievably blessed to be accepted.

So on Wednesday this week, I made the over two hour journey into the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney and nervously waited to meet the other participants.  Wow!  What an amazing group of people.  We spent two days in the gallery, discussing art which probably isn’t generally my cup of tea but the more we looked at it, the more I understood it.

Often at galleries or exhibitions, we simply walk past the images that don’t grab us immediately so we miss the chance to embrace a different style of art.  The Art Gallery of NSW is an amazing place to visit and the Archibald Prize is currently on display so it’s a great time to visit.  We have another day next week at the gallery before we start to create in workshops at a studio in Western Sydney.

I am so excited at the thought of stepping outside my art comfort zone.  I’ve worked really hard to hone my skills over the last few years and am finally feeling confident in what I produce.  So to suddenly be presented with an opportunity to work collaboratively with other artists who work in totally different mediums and styles is incredibly exciting.  Nerve wracking but exciting.

Who knows where this will lead?  It could lead to great places or to nowhere.  But wherever it leads, I’m going to embrace the journey and have some fun with fantastic and inspirational people along the way.   It can only be a good experience.

In between this I’m also getting ready to shoot an exciting new series of images for an exhibition here in the Blue Mountains.  I’m busily sourcing costumes, locations and people for this and having a ball doing so.  I’ll talk more about this once the shooting starts.  There are also just everyday shoots I have planned to do and next week will have a mermaid swimming at my place.  Life is good!

For now, here are just a few shots I took on my iPhone at the gallery.  I was too busy soaking it all in to remember to take many photos and only had the phone on me anyway..  The shiny, imposing sculpture of Capt Cook is the work of Michael Parekowhai, a New Zealand artist and the painting is by American artist  Jamian Juliano-Villani.  The gallery is certainly worth a visit if you’re in Sydney and lunch in the beautiful Domain is always a treat.



Survival was more than the preservation of life.  It was tenacity in the face of ruin, an unbroken resolve in the midst of defeat, a glimmer of hope in the maelstrom….. and peace despite the wreckage…..Jocelyn Murray

Well, I’m back.  I’ve finished the shift finally and am (almost) settled in the new place.  I have shifted many times in my life and I felt this harder than I have before.  I guess I must be starting to feel my age.  Everything seems heavier than it has before but regardless, it’s done and I’m finding the new place slowly but surely.

I haven’t started really started shooting yet this year which is not like me at all but soon I’ll be making up for that. I have many, many shoots planned and images dreamed up.  It was important to be settled first though as this year is looking like being huge.  I have travel plans and exhibitions happening so it will be all go.  I am planning my first solo exhibition this year too and there are lots of exciting things happening with that.

I’ve been planning it since last year and have actually shot a few pictures for the images I have in mind. One of the models involved was the lovely Ramana and whilst this is not the image which will be part of the exhibition, it was a favourite that screamed to be edited.  I guess it’s how I’m feeling a little bit too at the moment.. Finally feeling a little bit of peace after the storm.