Now it feels real!

Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars…. Unknown

My last blog, I wrote about music and photos together and the impact they have.  I was making slideshows before I got sidetracked (and pleasurably so) by photography.  I love watching a story come together and memories being brought to life.  They tell a story.

When I was  young, I was obsessed with jingles and intro themes.  Oh the magic of the castle at the start of any Disney production or the roaring of the MGM lion.  I was rather in awe of the Columbia lady with the lamp and in later years, I fell a little in love with the boy and the fishing rod which lets us know that a Dreamworks movie is about to begin.

So, what does someone with a bit of a Hollywood, intro & jingle theme do when they want to add a certain something to their presentations?  They make some intros.  I had one made ages ago, which was the Disney opening but with my business name on it.  Of course I can’t use it as it is trademarked to Disney but I do love to play it occasionally, just to make myself feel good.

It feels a bit more real to me now. Not that I haven’t taken them seriously before because I absolutely put my heart and soul into every one I make but growing up with a fascination for all things Hollywood, it’s exciting to know that my slideshows will now have an opening sequence to them.  Besides, we are all stars in our own right and everyone’s story deserves a bit of grandeur, doesn’t it?

I’ve been busy the last few weeks working on a few ideas and will probably work on heaps more before I settle on just one, if I ever can decide.  Maybe I’ll give people a choice?  Who knows?  Variety is the spice of life after all.  Anyway, these are the two that I’ve made so far.  I wonder which your favourite would be?



Into the Purple Sky

I just wanna drink till I’m not thirsty.  I just wanna sleep till I’m not tired.  I just wanna drive till I run out of highway.  Into the purple sky…..Kid Rock

into the purple sky

Into the Purple Sky


Spread Your Wings & Fly

I watch her with loving sadness, as she dulls her shine to please others.  Will this butterfly ever soar?  Will she continue to pretend she can’t fly?  Her greatest life awaits this decision…. Steve Maraboli

spread your wings & fly


In a world of Beige, be a Rainbow

Being different and standing alone may be one of the hardest thing you’ll ever do.  But you’ll be noticed more on your own than you ever will be in a crowd…….Livonne

The easy thing is to blend in.  Do what everyone else is doing.  Say what everyone else is saying.  Be what everyone else is being.  But can you really think what everyone is thinking? Your thoughts are all your own.  They may be completely at odds to the popular thinking but does that make them wrong?

Those who said the world was round thought differently to everyone who thought it was flat.  They stood alone in a world of doubters and were proven right.  Your ideas may not be right but they might not be wrong either.  It’s the dreamers who are prepared to embrace their uniqueness that have made the world a greater place.  They have dared to be different.

Do you sometimes look at your art and think that it’s too different to everyone else’s so it mustn’t be as good?  I know I do.  I didn’t do art for a long time because what I did didn’t look like everyone else’s, so I assumed they were right and I was wrong.  Yet in art there is no right or wrong.  In photography, so many people get caught up in the “rules”.  When I say that the rule of thirds is merely a suggestion, not a cast in stone rule, I get funny looks by traditionalists.

It doesn’t matter because I’m finally at a stage in my life where I’m happy to stand alone in my thinking.  If everyone in the whole, wide world  did exactly the same art, no matter how wonderful, the person who dared to create a different kind of art would suddenly be noticed.  They would stand out in the crowd.

Don’t be afraid to be different.  As the saying goes, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  It’s the dreamers and the rebels who dare to bring change to the world.  In a world of beige, be a rainbow.  You may not fit in with everyone else but I guarantee you’ll be noticed. which did you notice


Through an Artist’s Eyes

An artist sees the world through different eyes.  Share Your Vision!……Livonne

Every since I could remember, I have been aware that I see the world differently to so many others around me.  Not necessarily better, not necessarily worse.. Just different.  I think that is the soul of an artist.  The world appears different in the soul of an artist.  Too often we are told as children not to see the world the way we do.  How can we not? It’s all we know.

This world is full of sadness, poverty, violence and anger but it’s also full of happiness, abundance, kindness and love.  What we see depends on our life’s experiences and our vision.  If we could share our vision with the world, maybe, just maybe, it would be a kinder, softer, simpler place for our children to inherit.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel.  Show everyone the world the way you see it.  Share your art.  It doesn’t have to be the  Mona Lisa, it just has to be a part of you because are beautiful.  Never be afraid to let your artistic light shine.  We can change the world, one piece of art at a time.

share your vision