I think I was born in the wrong era.. or perhaps my feelings today are tainted by a past life where I was surrounded by glamour.  Whatever it is, I miss the glamour that once existed.  I used to look at Mum’s old portraits all the time thinking how stunning she looked.  I watched old Hollywood movies and lost myself in a sea of sequins, gold lame and updo’s.  I also read a lot of fairy tales and fantasy books and wandered through magical lands alongside the characters.

I guess I was always going to be a story teller as my imagination ran wild and I have a blog at Livonne.com.au.  I have therefore, always been called a dreamer.  In today’s society, we use the word dreamer as an insult. Yet what was Leonardo Da Vinci? What was Graham Alexander Bell? What was Vincent Van Gogh? What was Edison, Tesler, Franklin, Ford, Einstein, Marconi, Jobs, Branson and of course,the king of fantasy, Walt Disney?  The list goes on and on.  They were all dreamers and without their dreams and imagination our world would be a different place today.

I don’t believe I’ll ever invent something that will change the world.  My mind doesn’t think that way. But I can take photographs that change the way we see ourselves.  I believe every person is beautiful.  Perhaps not beautiful by society’s standards but really, society is fickle and it’s standards change constantly.  Every person has a beauty within that needs to be encouraged to come out and shine their light on the world.  When we believe in ourselves, we are happier people.  That makes for a happier world.   Hopefully, that is my contribution to the world.

My imagination demands that I make surreal photographs that take me away from the reality of the world but I also love  watching a person’s inner beauty and confidence creeping towards the surface during a transformation photoshoot.  I believe we all have, not just a right to shine but an obligation.  How else can we erase the darkness in this world? Everyone is a star and deserves a chance to shine.



cropped writing



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  1. Fancy hats, long white gloves, social etiquette, and fancy gatherings–I can’t say I miss them because I’ve never really lived that life, but there’s definitely a feeling of loss when I think about the way things used to be. Let’s bring them back!

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  2. Hi Livonne! I’m a high school art student currently and I saw your piece “The Inner Child” and I was wondering if we could get in contact concerning that piece. I am really interested in how you created that and I wanted to do something similar. Please let me know, thank you!


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