Out of the Box

Instead of thinking outside of the box, get rid of the box… Deepak Chopra

In the lead up to the opening of my exhibition From Fractured to Fairytale  I have to tell you I’ve laid awake at 3am thinking of all the things I still needed to do.  It has been an incredibly stressful time, although it is also one of the most rewarding projects I’ve ever done.  So I wanted to share with you some of the absolute kindness and generosity I have been shown whilst working to get this happening.  From fantastic businesses who make life less stressful by going above and beyond what we’ve come to expect, to sponsors who have helped  me to make this the best it can be, I wanted to tell you about a few of these.

I’ll introduce some of my amazing sponsors over the next week but for today, I wanted to talk about  two businesses who have helped..  Because so often, we only ever hear about the bad business encounters we have, but very rarely do we hear about the good.  And in this age of ordering online, we have seen business become completely de-personalised.  Whatever it is we buy online, from food to clothes, we click a menu of what we want, pay for it and get it delivered to our door without ever having communicated with a human, unless there is an issue and even then, we don’t necessarily have interaction with another person.

I saw an ad recently on Facebook advertising a special deal with some lapel pins from Fresh Promotions.  Now without giving too much away,  an apple is a huge part of my exhibition (more will be revealed later on) but I thought, hmmmm, perhaps some lapel pins would be a lovely keepsake for people, so I got in touch by email.  Bill got straight back in touch with me and we talked about what I was wanting.  We had some discussion back and forth, and even though it was via email, it was all with the one person (Bill) and I felt like I mattered as a customer.  This is something I think we’ve lost in business to a large degree, so it was an absolute delight and surprise to feel this way.

I sent a (very) rough picture of the sort of thing I wanted and within an hour I got a mock up sent to me which I was more than delighted with, I approved it and suddenly they were in production.  They should arrive this week and I can’t wait to see them.  I can tell you this much though, how I was made to feel by this company has made me a loyal customer before I even got my product.  That is how you do business. So if you are looking for something to promote your own business, whether it be pins or pens, cups or caps and heaps of other promotional products, give them a try.

Another company who have been so incredibly helpful and talented is Filmclass Pictures.  When I needed a promo done for the exhibition (see previous post) Nick from Filmclass Pictures took charge and made a particularly painful process almost painless.  Why painful?  I hate being in front of the camera.  I much prefer being the photographer not the photographee (I know that word didn’t exist but it does now).  I’m not a natural in front of camera but this exhibition is about ME, so I had to put myself out there to some degree.  Nick asked the right questions, cut the superfluous stuff out and made a promo that I was thrilled with.  Filmclass is a local Katoomba based film company and I can’t recommend them highly enough..






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