Her soul was made up of broken bits and pieces that left her feeling less than whole. But like a kaleidoscope, she reflected beautiful and unique patterns every time she moved….Livonne

I feel very fragmented at the moment.   Pulled in every direction by my emotions.  My operation for breast cancer is in 3 days and I’m dreading it.  But at the same time, I’m eager to get it over and done with so I can get back to the joys of living and creating.  I’m going to miss picking up my camera over the next month or so, but hopefully I’ll be able to do a bit of editing of stuff I already have.
Right now, I feel a bit broken but I know that eventually this whole experience will add another dimension to what I can bring to my art and to life itself.  I have already started to create a piece of art to represent what I’m currently going through.  It’s different to my usual work though, as it is a sculpture.  That’s part of the process isn’t it?  Changing.  Experimenting.  Growing.  Stay tuned for that.
Until I’m back creating, here is my version of the kaleidoscope, a toy that always brought me great joy as a child and indeed even now as an adult.  It’s simple way of using pieces of glass and other items not good for anything else in their current state, manages to create some of the most beautiful patterns which spark the imagination and soothe the soul.  The beauty of things that are broken cannot be overlooked.  They still have a magnificence all of their own.  In fact, sometimes that which is broken takes on a whole new persona and is even more beautiful in it’s fragmented state.

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