Where Dreams are Born

Come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned….. Peter Pan

How powerful are dreams?  Whether they happen when we are awake or when we are asleep, they are a preview of what is to come.  Maybe not an exact preview but they really do bring us safely to the next part of our lives.

The tagline for my work is “Awaken the Dreaming”.  This is important to me as too often in life, we forget to dream.  We might dream at night, but we don’t bring this into our waking life.  We try not to dream through the day as we’ve been conditioned to believe that it is a waste of our time and energy resources.  But it is so important to us.

Dreaming, whether conscious or not is a way to manifest our lives the way we want them to be.  I’ve always dreamed in fairy tales and used to be told that I was wasting my life dreaming, yet now, I long for the days and nights when I dream new pieces of art into being.  Now, they are necessary for my art.

Don’t be afraid to dream.  It opens up the future.  It forgives our past.  It helps us accept our present.  If someone calls you a dreamer, say thank you and really mean it.  For the dreamers of  today are the ingenious ones who will build our future.   Dream on!





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