Warrior Woman of Strength

She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings…….Ariana

Happy New Year!  I don’t know about you, but I love the start of a new year.  It’s a time to clear out the old and begin afresh.  This year is going to be a really busy one (again) and I’m in the midst of getting ready to do an exhibition at the end of February.   It’s on a subject that is actually quite heavy, although still told fairytale style, but it has been heavy to do.

So I decided to start the new year with celebrating the strength of women by doing a warrior woman shoot.  I advertised on StarNow online talent agency for my warrior woman and got inundated with applications.  Everyone seemed to love the idea of being a warrior for a day.  I narrowed it down to 2, so went with 2 warriors.  The other warrior is being shot in a few weeks.  I have also got a bank of talent who are happy to work with me in the future so it was a win on a much larger scale.

I went back out to see Ron from Talisman Gallery at Historic Hartley as there was a great location there which looks quite epic and prehistoric.  You may remember that when I took photos of Kirsty in the bath full of flowers,  Talisman Gallery was the location for that as well.  While I was there this time to organise the location, I got even cheekier and asked Ron if I could borrow a few pieces for this shoot.  Ron is a Metal Artist and makes some of the most incredible pieces you’ve ever seen.  If you haven’t been there, put it on your bucket list or at the very least click on the link and go have a look.

On the day, along with my model, Isabelle, and my ever magnificent assistant and brilliant photographer in her own right, Kirsty from KLB Images we headed out to Historic Hartley to get the shoot done.

Ron, of course, had the perfect pieces for me and let us use Remain in your Heart which is the most amazing sceptre with clear quartz and amethyst crystals in it.  He also had a gorgeous breast plate which set the whole outfit off magnificently.  We were set to go.



So, this is Isabelle, the first of my warrior women.  I was so thrilled when I saw her Star Now profile.  She had the perfect look for my Warrior Woman of Strength.  She even had the perfect corset.  Isabelle is an actor which really helped when it came to taking photos.  She just fell straight into character.  She took direction really easily and was an absolute delight to work with.  So delightful in fact, that I decided I wanted to do a bit of an interview with her as this young lady is going places.  When she’s a household name in a few years time, I will have interviewed her before all the big magazines.  It pays to think ahead.

First, I asked her about her background and experience.  This was her response:

I grew up doing acting classes and was always involved in drama throughout school. It wasn’t until I got involved in community theatre in my gap year that I decided to pursue acting as a career. I auditioned for Sydney Theatre School and was accepted for the upcoming year and had a wonderful eighteen months learning so much from so many incredible people. I came out of that with a Diploma of Arts (Acting) and my passion still firmly intact.
Since finishing I’ve been involved in both student and independent short films and film series as well as a little more local theatre with a hope of moving to Sydney to continue to pursue my dream.

Then I asked about her inspirations.

My first spark of inspiration came from the incredible feeling I get from performance. It’s an experience that’s impossible to get from anything else.
I’m hugely inspired by Shakespeare. I love studying, watching, and performing his work. The wit, the challenge and the timeless human experience draws me to it.
The other major influence for me is the exploration of human interaction and thought process. I love finding my way through another person’s psyche.

Finally I asked where she sees herself in the future.

I want performance to be my future. In theatre, in film, or both I’m determined that acting will be my life. I love it too much to let it go.

I have no doubt that acting will indeed be her life.  She’s very talented.  All in all, this was a fun shoot to do.  It fell into place easily thanks to Isabelle, Ron and Kirsty.  I love working with a good team.  I truly believe that 2018 will be remembered as the year that women stood together.   So here’s to strong women.  May we know them.  May we be them.  May we raise them.





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