Words Can’t Explain

Art tells the story that words can’t explain….Livonne

I had the absolute honour and privilege last night to speak at the prestigious Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney.  If you had told me two years ago when I created my first conceptual image that within such a short time I would be speaking at the Art Gallery of NSW, I would have laughed at you and yet, there I was talking about my art practice during the “Art After Hours” program that the art gallery run.

With a group of fellow artists who live with a disability, we told the story of the art we have created during our time at Front Up’s Emerge 2017 program.  There were 5 of us on the panel being asked questions by two of the facilitators and another 3 artists led an artist talk on pieces of the exhibitions that had influenced their work.

To have been given this opportunity is fantastic.  Just this week I slumped into a state of depression at the number of friends and family who take no notice of my work, let alone ever consider buying a piece,  but seeing the reaction from visitors to the gallery and knowing that the art world has opened it’s heart to me and my fellow artists was the best feeling.  Life really is good.

Click on the links to see my answers to both of these questions.

How has extending your practice through engaging with exhibitions at the AGNSW affected your practice?

Were there any challenges you experienced through the project and how have you processed and approached those challenges’?




3 thoughts on “Words Can’t Explain

  1. Congrat;ulations Yvonne well deserved, and what an honour! and what a courageous and beautiful project you have chosen to undertake. Loved your Youtube presentation also!


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