I Hope You Dance

Cancer may have started the fight, but together we can finish it…. 

Let me start by saying, I don’t do event photography. Actually I don’t do any “normal” photography at all, unless it’s family stuff.  I only do my fine art/conceptual photography because that’s what makes my soul dance.  But last year I got asked to be part of a different kind of dance and to take some photos at the Cancer Wellness Support‘s Celebration of Dance.  (they also run my favourite op shop too) This year I went back to do the same thing again. With amazing lighting and sound from local production company, Purple Sky Productions  and lots of dance companies, the night was a riot of colour, movement and fun.

I lost my beautiful Mum to cancer as well as other family and friends along the way.  I also celebrate with those who have been able to give cancer the bird and are still here to tell the tale.  So I feel strongly about finding a cure and supporting those affected until we do.  Together we have to be able to find a way to beat this horrible, life & dignity stealing disease.  If we can have  some fun along the way, all the more reason to dance.





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