Do You Remember?

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

I’ve been very quiet on here of late.  It’s not that I’ve stopped creating, but I have been accepted as part of an arts program and am busily creating a series of images as part of this.  I am loving getting stuck into this project but I had another project in the planning process which has been put back a little bit to finish this one.  I will be starting on it soon though.

The series I’m currently working on is about my childhood.  While I don’t want to say too much about it at the moment, it talks about how reading and fantasy changed my life.  I have a delightful young girl playing the younger me.   I spent time in the studio with her today as well as another character from these images, getting the shots needed to complete this series.

This image wasn’t one of the ones I’ll be using  but I couldn’t resist making it into an olde world portrait.  For such a young girl, she was a delight to work with.  It’s not easy for a young child to understand the emotions I was hoping to portray yet she somehow managed to convey the vulnerability I was hoping for.    There were times that I was a bit taken aback by how much like my younger self she seemed.  I’ll share my other characters from this series soon but until then, here is Do You Remember?

Livonne Imagery



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