Colour Me In

He found the colours to paint her when the world had left her grey….Atticus

It’s not hard to pick that I’m a colour person.  I can admire black and white images but I never feel quite right doing them.  I love colour.  It makes my soul sing.  It brightens a dull day.  I wear a lot of black but in my art I do a lot of colour.  Black, white and grey are an amazing backdrop for colours and that’s what I usually use them for.

I’ve often spoken about the romanticism of old photos.  The ones I especially love are the ones that were hand coloured.  Someone would painstakingly paint every detail in a soft wash of colour to recreate as naturally as possible the reality of the image.  There is an old wedding photo of my mum and dad’s  which was hand coloured and it is simply beautiful.  So I’ve been trying to teach myself hand colouring using Photoshop.

I’ve watched a few tutorials on Youtube but so far haven’t really had a go at it until today.  I got a photo that I’d done of the beautiful Libby in an Audrey Hepburn inspired shoot.  I did it in black and white as I wanted to recapture the old Hollywood glamour.  I loved it but it wasn’t really me.  So I decided to try my very first digitally hand coloured image.  The dress she was wearing was originally a beautiful burgundy satin  but I decided to change it to green.  Her eyes aren’t green but I wanted them to match the dress.  Getting a good skin colour is probably the hardest of all as it’s so hard to recreate.  But I just had a bit of fun with it really and I’m really pleased with the result.

I’m sure as I practise on a few more I’ll do a better job but for the first time, I don’t think it’s too shabby.  Time to get a few of the old family photos out I think to  really help hone this particular skill.

hand coloured vs bw



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