When the Artist becomes the Art

Youth is a gift of nature… Age a work of art….Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

A few months back, my wonderful friend Pennie had a big birthday.   It’s not up to me to tell you what the number was as it’s a woman’s prerogative to be ageless.  But I have to tell you, for this lady, age is completely irrelevant anyway.  She is a bundle of energy and radiates incredible grace.

Pennie is an artist who creates amazing work.  Her passion inspires me to continue trying to be the best creative I can be.  Both Pennie and her husband Brian are soon to expand their gallery space but until they do, you can view their work by clicking here.  Trust me, it’s worth having a look.

One of the most important things I concentrate on when making images of people is to make sure there is a connection with the image and that it represents who they truly are.  So with this talented lady,  I wanted to make the artist into the art so asked her if she’d pose for me.  She said yes and we had a lovely morning getting the shots I needed to create the images I was thinking of.  My plan was to take a photo of her and make it into a painterly style image to represent her artisan soul.  I got the shot I wanted and then as luck would have it, the plant on the side of the brick wall was covered in the most amazing, vibrant red autumn leaves, meaning I got more than I bargained for.

We also got a few laughs when we went for a burger for lunch afterwards and realised halfway through that we’d left the tiara in her hair.  Ah well.  Every queen deserves to wear a crown don’t they?   And make no mistake, this lady is a queen who I am privileged to call my friend.

Queen of Lurline
Queen of Lurline
A gift of Nature

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