Looking forward to Looking Back

The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come…… unknown

When I opened Facebook this morning, I had a memory pop up. I usually don’t pay any attention to them and very rarely share them as I think there is so much happening now that I don’t need to look back.  But sometimes a memory stops you in your tracks as it shows you how far you’ve come, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or in a skillset.

The FB post this morning was from the very first composite photograph I tried.  It was four years ago and I had just started studying Photoimaging.  We were asked to do a self portrait for a TAFE project called Me, Myself and I.  You’d think with my incredibly limited Photoshop skills at that stage that I would have chosen a simple self portrait wouldn’t you?  In fact at that time, even a simple self portrait was stretching my almost non existent skills.

Never letting it be said that I don’t like to challenge myself, I set about creating a photo about how I feel inside versus the face I show to the world.  This is such a simple composite but it took me ages and of course, when I look at it now, I cringe at the lack of finesse.  However, I’m also very proud of it.  Yes I could have taken a simpler option but instead I pushed myself well beyond my boundaries to try to achieve the vision in my head.

I still love the concept of this photo and maybe I’ll redo it or maybe I won’t.  But what is interesting is that my first composite photograph was one that spoke about the battle with my demons.  Four years on and I’m just starting to shoot for my very first solo exhibition which will be held in October/November this year. It too revolves around mental health and I’m so thrilled to have a group of people happy to open up about their battles too.

These next few months are going to be crazy busy for me and I may be quieter on here than usual.  Next week, I present my very first TAFE class.   Yes, I’ve gone from being a student at TAFE to teaching my own class.  I’m a bit nervous but very excited.  To make the year even busier (and more special) I have my first  much awaited and loved grandbaby due in a few months, I’m heading overseas just after that and then it will be full on with preparing for the exhibition.  I have between 30-40  images to shoot in that time and they won’t be shown until the actual exhibition, so it may not be all that easy to do lots of other work in between to put up here.

Hopefully, I’ll fit a few other images in between. But today, I’m enjoying looking back from where I started to where I am now and of course, the evolving is never over.  I’m looking forward to where this journey will take me.


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