Fluid Movement

Belief in yourself is like water.  It ebbs and flows.  It moves and changes.  It shifts it’s course with time.  It is, however,  essential for life……Livonne

I’ve been trying a few new techniques again lately.  I’ve found that the way to stay in love with what I do, is to constantly change things around a little bit.  I guess self belief is the same isn’t it?  You have to keep finding new and unique ways to keep it fresh.

Anyway, you may remember that a while ago, Kirsty from KLB Images and I took some photos of up and coming soccer star, Bailey, for a joint effort we were doing.  I saw this water technique and wanted to give it a go, but I just couldn’t seem to make it work the way I wanted it to, so today when Kirsty was here, we went through the steps again to see what we could do.

Kirsty is one of those people that can sit and just stare at something and you can almost see the cogs turning in her brain, trying to work out how it works.  Of course, she hit the nail on the head and got the steps that I was doing wrong.  So continuing on with the combined effort, we took another of the photos of Bailey to turn him into fluid movement.






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