I can see clearly now

Sometimes you need to step away from your work to be able to see it clearly upon return…. Livonne

Have you ever looked back on something you’ve done and thought, wow, I wish I’d done that differently?  I’m going through that now.  Revisiting my portfolio for an application I’ve just submitted, I finally recognised a genuine personality to my work.  Reasonably new to conceptual and composite photography, I’ve played with lots of different ideas to find what my style actually is.  I put together a slideshow portfolio for this application and suddenly it all seemed to fall into place. The recognition that is, the style has been there for a while.  I was just looking too closely at it to be able to see it…

Trying all different styles is part of growing as an artist.  Having inspiration to create comes easily.  My mind never really stops imagining so I’m always having ideas and concepts popping up.  However, once I’ve done them, I’m not the sort of person who really wants to go back and recreate them.  I know a lot of people do this, but it’s not the way I think.  I imagine it, I shoot it, I edit it, I walk away from it.

After I had that light bulb moment of recognising my unique style, I started to look back over some of the work I’ve already completed.  I’m not interested in recreating the whole thing as to be honest, I was reasonably happy with most of what I’d done.  I guess some people would find it easier just to scrap it and start again, but being a bit of a recycler, I’ve taken on the challenge of reworking the few images I was never quite happy with.  It wasn’t the model or the pose or even the photos themselves.   It really was all in the editing. So, I’m just revisiting the editing process.

Having stepped away from these photos for a while, I’ve seen them again through fresh eyes and was able to see where changes should be made.  Some are major changes, some are quite minor.  It might just be too much texture or not enough.  It could be that the colours looked a little bit muddy and needed a bit of a tweak.  Whatever it was, I’m now feeling happier with my back catalogue.

This is one of the images I’ve reworked.  It’s called Upon a Faerie Tide. Stepping away from your work really does make a huge difference to seeing things clearly.

On a faerie tide





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