Cry of the Banshee

She desperately covers her eyes, not wanting to see what surrounds her, but she cannot avoid it. Her eyes burn throughher hands. She has no choice.  From deep within, she wails the unearthly cry of grief warning those around that another soul prepares to take flight……Livonne

You must all be thinking that I’m going through a really dark patch right about now.  My photos lately have been a lot different than usual.  While I always try to portray hope in my photos, I am doing a series of photos of some of the folk tales I grew up hearing about.

Having had an Irish grandmother, I listened to her stories through the day and at night would hide my head under the covers, not wanting to hear the cry of the banshee which might signal her passing.  I listened when she told me about the Selkies, Leprechaun and a myriad of other creatures from the motherland. Of course, there were also fairies, angels and lots of sweet creatures to lighten my heart as well and they will all be featuring in this series.

I always felt that the banshee got a bit of a bad rap.  No one wanted to hear her as her cry brought the knowledge that death was nearby.  But she wasn’t the angel of death, merely a wailing woman who could see him as he came to take another soul home and her earth shattering wail was full of angst and grief as she warned of his coming.

I think I might balance her out with some fairies next.  A little fairy dust always helps to lighten the mood.

Cry of the Banshee


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