The Embrace

The strength of a man isn’t seen in the power of his arms.  It’s seen in the love with which he embraces you… Steve Maraboli

One of the best assets a  photographer can have is friends who are happy to pose for the camera.  This is even more important for a fine art photographer who is looking for the unusual.  I’m so blessed to have friends who put their hands up to be my characters in my photos.  No matter how weird the scenario, they trust me and happily comply with my requests.  Sometimes, they come up with brilliant ideas that help the shoot even more.

I had planned this angel shoot with Dean as my angel a while ago.  My fellow photographer Kirsty helped me build the nest in the backyard and yesterday, it all came into being. Dean is an amazingly talented air brush artist, so understood the concept I had in mind and was happy to help out. (Have a look at his work HERE.  It’s brilliant) His lovely other half, Jenny, brought clothes as she thought it would be great to get a fun photo taken of the two of them while I was in the mode.  It turned out that her outfit was perfect for a pose I had in mind and this particular photo was the result.

I’m also very blessed to live in a very arty community.  They understand the weird requests from an artist.  I put a request on Facebook in a community group to see if anyone had some black wings I could borrow for the shoot.  I got offered two lots by complete strangers.  Props like this aren’t cheap so for people to be so kind and trusting is not just an absolute Godsend but also shows me how much kindness there is in this world.

Whether they appear as friends who support us or as strangers who show us a kindness, angels really do walk amongst us.

The Embrace2
The Embrace




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