Photos & Music

There is no more effective time machine than the combination of photographs & music….Livonne

For me, the journey to studying photography began with a slideshow.  I had seen a few short slideshow presentations for birthdays and as my niece was turning 21, I really wanted to make one for her.  It was pretty ordinary when I look back but I was incredibly proud of myself and she loved it.

Then and there I fell in love.  It is so rewarding to see photographs, moments frozen in time on screen, set to the soundtrack of your life.  Music brings memories to the forefront of even the most lost mind as can be seen by the incredible work of Music & Memory, an organisation which help provide ipods to dementia patients.  So add your photos to that music and it’s guaranteed to be a winner.

A slideshow evokes so many memories and emotions.  When my son and daughter in law got married, I had one prepared with photos of them both as kids.  I had it ready to edit quickly in between the wedding and reception so I could put some of the photos of the actual wedding in.  At the reception, we showed it and there were quite a few tears (probably mostly mine).

I don’t do wedding photography.  I have done some but I find it way too stressful.  I do however offer this service, where I prepare the slideshow and take some photos on the day, edit them and rush them into the presentation, ready to show at the reception.  I hope you enjoy this particular presentation.  It features music by the extremely talented Bonnie J Barbey.  I  have never sold this presentation obviously.  It was a gift for my son and daughter in law on their wedding day.



7 thoughts on “Photos & Music

  1. That’s an amazing slide show Livonne. I love the idea and I hope you don’t mind if I pinch it. My daughters wedding is coming up and I would love to present her with such a wonderful gift. Music has always been a big part of my life and many of my post have a YouTube musical clip to accompany them. I can spend more time looking for “the right song” than I do writing the post itself.


      1. Thanks Livonne. I will definitely ask my daughter if I can share. She is social media shy and I’ve already had the “don’t you dare put me in any of your posts” lecture. If I catch her at the right moment, I may be in luck 🙂

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  2. What an amazingly beautiful gift to give a daughter in law!! I was married three times (and divorced) and I think if I ever, ever felt that loved by my mother in law, maybe I would still be married today!! xo Lovely!


    1. She’s a very special girl and I’m very lucky but I’m hearing you. I blame my mother in law for a lot that went wrong. She made sure I knew she thought I wasn’t good enough right from the start and that never changed. She treated my kids the same way because they were my kids.. I was determined never to be the same

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      1. Mine too. I no longer blame because what good? My ex father in law recently had a big cardiac event and was reminded of something kind that I did years ago. I was told her was brought to tears. I wonder if they were tears of remorse for never stepping in on the meanness?


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