Days of Wine & Roses

They are not long., the days of wine & roses.  Out of a misty dream.  Our path emerges for a while, then closes. ……….. Ernest Dowson

days of wine and roses


Now it feels real!

Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars…. Unknown

My last blog, I wrote about music and photos together and the impact they have.  I was making slideshows before I got sidetracked (and pleasurably so) by photography.  I love watching a story come together and memories being brought to life.  They tell a story.

When I was  young, I was obsessed with jingles and intro themes.  Oh the magic of the castle at the start of any Disney production or the roaring of the MGM lion.  I was rather in awe of the Columbia lady with the lamp and in later years, I fell a little in love with the boy and the fishing rod which lets us know that a Dreamworks movie is about to begin.

So, what does someone with a bit of a Hollywood, intro & jingle theme do when they want to add a certain something to their presentations?  They make some intros.  I had one made ages ago, which was the Disney opening but with my business name on it.  Of course I can’t use it as it is trademarked to Disney but I do love to play it occasionally, just to make myself feel good.

It feels a bit more real to me now. Not that I haven’t taken them seriously before because I absolutely put my heart and soul into every one I make but growing up with a fascination for all things Hollywood, it’s exciting to know that my slideshows will now have an opening sequence to them.  Besides, we are all stars in our own right and everyone’s story deserves a bit of grandeur, doesn’t it?

I’ve been busy the last few weeks working on a few ideas and will probably work on heaps more before I settle on just one, if I ever can decide.  Maybe I’ll give people a choice?  Who knows?  Variety is the spice of life after all.  Anyway, these are the two that I’ve made so far.  I wonder which your favourite would be?


Photos & Music

There is no more effective time machine than the combination of photographs & music….Livonne

For me, the journey to studying photography began with a slideshow.  I had seen a few short slideshow presentations for birthdays and as my niece was turning 21, I really wanted to make one for her.  It was pretty ordinary when I look back but I was incredibly proud of myself and she loved it.

Then and there I fell in love.  It is so rewarding to see photographs, moments frozen in time on screen, set to the soundtrack of your life.  Music brings memories to the forefront of even the most lost mind as can be seen by the incredible work of Music & Memory, an organisation which help provide ipods to dementia patients.  So add your photos to that music and it’s guaranteed to be a winner.

A slideshow evokes so many memories and emotions.  When my son and daughter in law got married, I had one prepared with photos of them both as kids.  I had it ready to edit quickly in between the wedding and reception so I could put some of the photos of the actual wedding in.  At the reception, we showed it and there were quite a few tears (probably mostly mine).

I don’t do wedding photography.  I have done some but I find it way too stressful.  I do however offer this service, where I prepare the slideshow and take some photos on the day, edit them and rush them into the presentation, ready to show at the reception.  I hope you enjoy this particular presentation.  It features music by the extremely talented Bonnie J Barbey.  I  have never sold this presentation obviously.  It was a gift for my son and daughter in law on their wedding day.