A Safe Harbour

Throw off the bowlines.  Stay away from the safe harbour.  Explore, Dream, Discover…. Mark Twain

A few years ago, I had the most amazing pilgrimage back to my grandmother’s homeland of Ireland.  I spent a lot of time with tears in my eyes at the beauty of the land I consider my spiritual home.  It was the trip of a lifetime although I pray it won’t be the last time I visit there.

I took thousands of photos while I was there. Whenever I look at them, they fill me with a deep yearning to be back there.   I loved everywhere I went but one of my very favourite places was the Aran Islands, off  Galway.  On our way back from the islands, we stayed at a beautiful guest house in Kinvara.  In the morning, we took a wander around the town and found this scene at the waterfront.  From this shoreline you could see Dungaire Castle.  I loved the serenity of it all.

I took a few photos around here and this was always one of my favourites.  I wanted to do more with it although it was beautiful all on it’s own.  I took it into Photoshop and removed the cars and telephone poles out of it.  I know they were part of the scenery but when I stood in that spot and took this photo, I didn’t see anything modern at all.  In my head I was looking at a scene from many many years ago.  Before cars, before power poles, before the world became so hectic. I really wanted to capture the feeling I got when I stood there.  The feeling that I had stepped back in time.  They say cameras don’t lie.  But to be honest, sometimes they capture more than we were focused on at the time.  This was definitely the case this time.  I didn’t want to share this scene with our modern world.. I wanted to enjoy the lie my brain told me on the day.

I’m planning on hanging this piece on my wall, so I wanted it to be a work of art and look more like a painting than a photograph.  Unfortunately, Photoshop removed the oil painting filter with one of their updates and whilst they have now added it back again, my computer specs need updating before I can use this version.  Luckily, my trusty laptop hasn’t been updated yet, so I was able to take the file to that, apply an oil paint filter and then take it back to my desk top to finish it.

I’m happy with it now.  It brings me back to the vision I saw when I stood there.  My brain didn’t see the here and now.  It saw a time long ago when my grandmother walked her homeland.  That’s what I want to remember.  What I saw with my heart, not what was  actually there.  Life is about experiences and perception.  It’s not always about facts and absolutes.  It’s too short to remember all the details, so we should just store the parts that touch our souls and leave more room…..To Explore….To Dream….To Discover

A Safe Harbour

and a close up of the same imageA Safe Harbour close up




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