Beauty amongst Chaos

Find beauty amongst the chaos.  True beauty will bring light to the darkest moments and outshine the gloomiest gloom…..Livonne

I did a photoshoot on the weekend.  I have always adored old Hollywood glamour.  The stunning smooth skinned celluloid Goddesses staring down in glorious black and white from my wall.  They seemed a million miles away from my own reality yet they were a huge part of my world as I absorbed every movie I could.

We all knew they were real people and had bad hair days but we didn’t see them.  We saw only the gloss.  So many of them went on to use their celebrity to make a difference.  Audrey Hepburn was one of those who used her name to make a difference and worked with UNICEF for years.  She was beautiful inside and out.  She managed to still look glamorous even amongst the rubble of war torn cities.

Was it her looks or was it her inner beauty that shone so brightly?  Of course she was physically beautiful but her inner beauty  could be seen in those gorgeous eyes.  Her wrinkles in later years were barely visible as they were outshone by her beautiful soul.

Everyone is beautiful and I truly believe that we should all have at least one stunning photograph done so future generations can see us in our best light.  However the most important legacy we can leave is the memory of a good heart and a beautiful soul that made a difference in the world.  The photo merely puts a face to the memory.  In saying that, make sure your photo shows you the way you want to be seen and captures that inner gorgeous.

haunted room



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