Future – Weekly Photo Challenge

Children are happy until we point out everything that can go wrong.  They step on the cracks without fear. They learn from adults to fear, to hate and to expect the worst……Livonne

Whitney Houston sang, “I believe children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.” This  week’s photo challenge theme is Future, so what signifies our future more perfectly than children.  They aren’t born with fear or hatred.  It is taught to them by word and deed.  They believe that life is wonderful until we point out that it’s not.  They believe that everyone is beautiful until we convince them that ugly is a thing and we should all look a certain way.

We have to ask of ourselves, what sort of future are we leaving for our children? Will the rivers be dried up?  Will hatred and war ruin all the natural beauty this earth possesses?  Will everything becomes a disposable commodity, even people?  I hope not.

To see innocence and trust in a child’s face gives me hope that the next generations will make a kinder impact on this world than the last few have done.  The future really is in their hands.

The photo is a composite of 3 different places in China.  The Fangsheng bridge is in Zhouzhuang. near Shanghai.  The river has been replaced with the paved area surrounding the Olympic Bird’s Nest in Beijing and the beautiful little girl was happily wandering around Tienanmen Square in Beijing, unaware of the crowds of tourists or the armed guards.  She only saw beauty and it was mirrored in her eyes.

We need to be more childlike and look only for the beauty.  Take a risk and step on the cracks.  Maybe nothing bad will happen after all.

Step on the Cracks




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