Wash Away the Day

When all else fails, a bath never does…Livonne

I went out today with my lovely model Kirsty to the Talisman Gallery in Historic Hartley, NSW, to do a photo shoot.  I took some visitors there a while ago and while I was there I saw  this old bath.  I fell in love with it.  yes it was rusty, but you know that beautiful polished rusty metal?  That’s exactly what this was.  I knew I had to use it in a shoot.

As I stood looking at it, I could see it filled with flowers and bearing a beautiful girl, immersing herself in nature.  I spoke to Ron, the owner and artist at the Talisman Gallery and asked if I could come and shoot my vision there.  He agreed and I’ve been planning it ever since.

I put a call out on local garage sale sites to see if anyone had old bunches of artificial flowers they no longer wanted and thanks to the kindness of many people, I had enough to complete the look I wanted.  Most were free though I did pick up a few large bags full at local Op Shops which were only a few dollars.

I’ll post more photos as I finish editing them, but for now, here is the first of the series, entitled, Wash the Day Away.  Many thanks to Ron at the Talisman Gallery for welcoming us and allowing me to do this.  If you’re ever in the Blue Mountains, you have to go and see the gallery.  The work is amazing.  I’ll post some photos of it in the next post.

Wash Away the Day



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