Gallery of Time

The most precious of all artworks, are those of our loved ones.  They are priceless.  Looking through a photo album is like taking a walk through the gallery of time……..Livonne

I love looking through old photo albums.  Not just of my own family, but any photo albums.  It’s like a time machine.  By opening that album, you’re taking a walk through time.  Photographs open up history and allow us to see where we came from.  I look at photos of my grandfather and see so much likeness in my son.  I look at photos of my grandmother and mother and see, without a doubt, who I take after.

In my opinion, the camera is one of the most important and powerful inventions in history.  Cameras have documented the moments we want to remember and the black moments.   World wars, moonlandings, landmarks being erected, landmarks being torn down, great sporting moments, births, deaths, marriages… many amazing moments in history, both good and bad, have been recorded since the first photo was taken in 1814.

Would I love one of the great masters hanging on my wall?  Yes!  I would love to have the original of  L’Amour et Psyché (the First Kiss) by William-Adolphe Bouguereau  hanging on my wall.  But not if I had to give up my own gallery of family memories in return. The photos I have of the people who have shaped my very life can’t be replaced.  I’ll stick with the print of my favourite painting and have it hanging next to my beloved angel daughter’s photo.

One day, the photos I take today will be the old family photos that my grandchildren and great  grandchildren will look at.  I hope they are as enamoured by their very own gallery of time, as I’ve always been by mine.  Hopefully one day, they’ll look and say, “Wow.. I look like my great grandmother”.  Hopefully they’ll walk the corridors of history and connect with us today.

I saw a great meme the other day, showing the differences in generations.  Two photos:  One said 2016 and was a beautiful old sepia photo showing an elegant woman from the 20’s maybe, posing solemnly for a photo, .. the other said 2090 and was a young girl in underwear, posing provocatively with the usual duck face pout happening, camera in hand, taking her own in a mirror.  The caption?  Honey I found a photo of your grandmother.

Go out, take photos.  Take fun ones but also take good ones.. or get some professional photos taken.  Let’s leave a photo album full of photos our descendants will want to wander through.

Gallery of Time






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