The Magician

I’ve learned that when my muse speaks to me and I take the time to listen, magic happens.  When she visits me, I cannot say I have no time right now.  The time to create magic IS now……Livonne  

I woke up yesterday and wanted to create some magic.  I’m not sure if I dreamed of a magician but I couldn’t get the concept out of my mind as soon as my feet hit the floor.

There was lots of stuff I should have been doing but sometimes when your creative muse finds her voice, you just have to listen to her because she doesn’t like to be ignored.   At times when I have ignored her for more mundane matters, she hasn’t spoken to me again for ages and that is not a happy situation for a creative.

So I thought about the photo I wanted to do and my son studiously kept his head down, refusing to volunteer to be my model.  I phoned a friend and asked if her son would be keen to model for me and he was.  As I was getting props together to go around to her house and do the photo shoot, I had lots of other ideas and magic tricks pop into my head.

When I got around there, my young model ALSO had lots of ideas of what he could do, so all in all it was a creative think tank.   This is the original concept that I woke up with.  Over the next few days, I’ll have more of this fun shoot to show you all.

We are all born with magic inside us. Sadly, as we grow up, we listen to others around us and stop believing in it.    This world is in turmoil and needs your dreams, magic, imagination and belief like never before.  Do you have  dreams to bring to life?  Now’s the time to spread some of your inner glow to light up the world.

Sleight of Hand




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