Lady of the Lake

It is through turbulence we achieve altitude.  The wisdom and patience we learn through adversity gives lift to our wings, helping us rise from the depths 

We’ve had an unseasonably warm start to Autumn here in the Blue Mountains Australia and I really don’t like the heat.  So yesterday, I decided to meet up with friends at Wentworth Falls Lake.  The water was perfect and the day became so much easier to cope with.

But why waste a photo opportunity.  I asked my friend Jenny to pose for me and as she has even more costumes than me and never misses an opportunity to dress up, she donned her medieval dress and got in the water for me.  The main photo I wanted to take was done and still being worked on but I loved this one too so decided to edit this one first.

I had at the back of my mind the Lady of the Lake who enchanted Merlin and gave King Arthur his sword. The dress was perfect for the image I had in my mind.  It also helps having a model who is so easy to direct and one who loves and is loved by the camera.  When the original concept photo is ready, I’ll post it and show you.

Lady of the Lake





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