Floating on Air

Your love has me floating on air….Livonne

I’ve been working on this photo now for a few months.  It has never done what I wanted it to do and I’ve been more than frustrated with it.  I was lucky to have a crazy bride who was happy to climb up on a picnic table, grab a handful of balloons and pretend to float away.  I had great plans with it but it just hasn’t been cooperating with me.

I find the best thing you can do with a photo that’s not working is to walk away.  I’ve walked away from this at least 10 times but like the true masochist I am, I kept going back to it.  Today, I attempted it again and I’m finally almost happy with it.  I’m posting it but I know I’ll have another go at it later on down the track until I’m perfectly happy with it.

That’s the thing with art.. Just because it doesn’t work first time around, don’t give up on the concept.. Just keep trying until you start to achieve the vision.  It may be the piece that constantly eludes you, but you’ll never be bored with it.

floating on air




6 thoughts on “Floating on Air

  1. I feel embarrassed to make a suggestion but might there not be more sense of movement if the bride was moving to the left or right, instead of straight up? This would perhaps give a sense of being carried by the wind? Only a thought. As someone who takes pictures, auto adjusts, crops and that is it, I really admire your attention to detail.


    1. Please don’t feel embarrassed. It’s good to have some feedback.. I agree that something isn’t right but as I took it on the actual wedding day (and the bride was wonderful enough to climb onto a table for me ) I had to make do with what I had.. I wish I’d thought it through more carefully or practised before hand with some stand in models..


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