Heart & Soul

Look with your heart to see the true reflection of the soul……Livonne

We take inspiration from all over the place.  I spoke yesterday about which style paintings inspire me and today I want to talk about music.  Music is a huge inspiration to me.  I think I could sing before I could talk.  If anyone wanted to teach me anything, set it to music and I’ll remember it in a heartbeat.

I would watch the start of every tv program as a kid then walk away when the show started.  I just wanted the jingle.  I knew every ad, every theme, every jingle, as long as they were set to music.  I soaked it all up like a sponge.

When I started work I bought an album every week.  I’d bring it home and play it over and over until I knew every word.  Then I’d go back in the next week and      buy another and do the same thing.  I know the words to songs I don’t ever even remember listening to.  Ask me to remember where I put my keys five minutes ago and I won’t have a clue.  Ask me what particular bar Mr Harper stayed too long at in the song Harper Valley PTA and I’ll be able to tell you immediately that it was Kelly’s Bar.

If you’ve never seen the story of Henry which can be seen on the Music and Memory website, have a look at it.  It talks about the use of music in the treatment of alzheimers and dementia patients. It is unbelievably powerful and needs all the support we can give it.  Music really does have a key to unlock the brain.

I’m starting a series soon based on some of the songs that have always conjured up a picture in my brain.  I’ve always listened to some songs and seen a picture immediately.  I want to try to bring that picture into reality now.  I’m currently seeking permission from a few performers and have already been given the green light by one of my favourites ever.

A while ago I was shooting an event and the pianist at the event caught my eye.  Elegant, composed, beautiful and oh so talented, I took a number of photos of Caitlin that night.  The pensive look on her face as she played drew me in and I got caught up in her oneness with the piano.  When I looked at the photo, I could see the musician but I wanted to delve more into the relationship between the musician and the instrument.

Using a photo of her hands on the keys as she played as my base photo, I took the photo of her face and duplicated and flipped it so she was facing herself, then added to the base photo.  I used the screen blending mode to get the soft effect I was after.  Adding a layer of bokeh from my textures folder, I again scrolled through blend modes in Photoshop and stopped on colour.  I loved how it allowed the bokeh layer through on parts of the photo but desaturated other parts.  I then added another photo of water on glass (again from my textures folder) and used the lighten blend mode.  Using a layer mask, I painted out the water on one side of the photo.  Taking it into filter gallery, I added a soft sandstone texture to it and was really happy with the result.

Heart & Soul


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