Au Revoir

Sometimes we say goodbye when we really mean Au Revoir.  Until we meet again.  Goodbye is so final…… Livonne 


I only spent one day in Paris, yet it was enough to fall in love with the city of love.  I didn’t say goodbye.  That is so final.  I said Au Revoir – until we meet again.  I will return.

From the Eiffel Tower, I took a range of photos for a panorama.  This is part of the stitched together result.  I combined this with a silhouette I had taken in studio, positioning her to ensure the one dark cloud in the scene became her eyelashes.

From there I took it into Photoshop Oil Paint and made the whole scene an oil painting, paying homage to a city that holds some of the greatest paintings in the world as well as a piece of my heart.

au revoir



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