Some Housekeeping

And now for something completely different……..Monty Python

Yes, I know I said I would have a video tutorial up today on making planets and tunnels out of your landscape pictures but while the theory is all ready to go, the practical is taking a bit longer.

I’m having a few problems with the video capture I’m using so please give me another day or so.  In the meantime,  I thought I’d share with you a bit of fun I did a while back.  In Australia, we have a huge car race every year in a place called Bathurst.  This year, my son went and took my camera for a play with him.

In preparation for the release of the newest Star Wars movie, they had the stormtroopers there doing some promotional work, so of course my son took heaps of photos of them.  A man’s dream.   When I saw the photos, I thought to myself, I don’t like the guns in their hands but what could I put in their place?  Then I thought of every WOMAN’S dream… a man packing some serious cleaning gear.

So as a surprise for my son, I traded the guns for a vacuum cleaner, a toilet brush and a feather duster and had them do a bit of housekeeping on a chess board while the Death Star watches closely overhead.

Life’s too short to always take it too seriously.  Sometimes a bit of silliness is called for.  Hopefully I’ll have the video up in the next day or so.. Until then, May the Force Be With You!


In a galaxy far far away


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