Through an Artist’s Eyes

An artist sees the world through different eyes.  Share Your Vision!……Livonne

Every since I could remember, I have been aware that I see the world differently to so many others around me.  Not necessarily better, not necessarily worse.. Just different.  I think that is the soul of an artist.  The world appears different in the soul of an artist.  Too often we are told as children not to see the world the way we do.  How can we not? It’s all we know.

This world is full of sadness, poverty, violence and anger but it’s also full of happiness, abundance, kindness and love.  What we see depends on our life’s experiences and our vision.  If we could share our vision with the world, maybe, just maybe, it would be a kinder, softer, simpler place for our children to inherit.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel.  Show everyone the world the way you see it.  Share your art.  It doesn’t have to be the  Mona Lisa, it just has to be a part of you because are beautiful.  Never be afraid to let your artistic light shine.  We can change the world, one piece of art at a time.

share your vision


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