West of Wonderland

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t……. Alice in Wonderland

Sometimes the photos you love the best come from an unplanned event.  This particular photo happened when my friend Trish phoned and asked if I had any Disney costumes of any sort as she had to go to a fancy dress party that night with a Disney theme.

What a silly question.  Of course I have Disney costumes.  Not only do I love costumes but I’m such a Disney tragic.  I adore everything Disney.  Even Fantastia which wasn’t really my cup of tea had some incredible parts in it and I still had to admire Walt’s passion for making it, but I digress.  I went looking for what costumes I could offer her.

She didn’t really want to be princessy, so that ruled out my Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and other assorted girlie costumes.  What I did have was a recently acquired velvet set of tails in purple and green that I had already earmarked as a Mad Hatter Costume.  Perfect! I had a basis to work from.

I had a purple top hat so it was just a matter of putting a scarf around that and making the obligatory 10/6 sign that is synonymous with the Mad Hatter.  A plain shirt, another scarf for his cravat, plain pants and shoes and we were ready to start with the make up.  While it pained me to do so, I made her into the Johnny Depp version of the Mad  Hatter.  Why does this pain me? Because I prefer the simple, goofy, original one from the cartoon but I have to say, for a characterisation, Johnny Depp’s is pretty spectacular.  I did however make her a bit more feminine as it’s still important to feel good about yourself on the way to a party.

Of course, some may say the most important outcome of the day was to make sure she went to the party looking fantastic.  I say the most important outcome was getting photos that I could use to play with and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.  I ended up editing 2 that I absolutely loved but this one was my out and out favourite.

Nothing says Awakening the Dreaming like Alice’s adventures in  Wonderland.  The whole adventure was one big dream sequence….. or was it?  The only dream I know that lasted longer was Who shot JR but it was nowhere near as exciting.  I have some plans afoot for a few more Alice inspired photo shoots and am busy collecting the props and costumes I need for it.  It’s something that I’m really excited about.

Have a great week and remember to use every opportunity to get stock photos that you can.  Backgrounds, objects, buildings.. anything you think might come in handy for a composite photo later on.  If you don’t have to buy stock photos it’s not only cheaper but so much more rewarding to use your own.

west of wonderland unframed



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