Take a Risk

You can fail just as easily at what you hate as what you love.  TAKE A RISK…. Livonne

I have taken a lot of risks in my life.  I’ve been criticised over and over for them. I’ve started businesses and some have been good, some have failed.  I have done a lot of courses in my time, some of the skills learned, I’ve used, some I’ve forgotten.  I have met many people throughout the years, some are still in my life, some will never be again.  I don’t regret any of the things or people that have come and gone.  They make up the intricate pattern in the fabric of my life.

If there is one certainty in life, it’s that there is no certainty.  I am always astounded at how people hate taking risks, yet every time we arise in the morning and step out of our bedroom, it’s a risk.  How many times have you heard of people who have taken a job they don’t like but it’s secure?   They work at it for 30 years then are made redundant.  They’ve spent 30 years hating what they do which has already  made them feel like they failed, only to feel like even more of a failure because it didn’t work out.  Where is the certainty in doing something you don’t like?  Is it more secure than doing something you love? No!

I don’t really like the word fail, because the only time you fail is when you haven’t learned from what has happened. But the truth is, you can have successes in what you hate and in what you love.  You can also have great catastrophe in what you hate and in what you love.  At least with the latter you’ll enjoy the journey.  As long as you’ve learned along the way, it’s not a failure.  If you’ve faced each day looking forward to the lessons that life has to offer, then you my friend are a great success.

I’m not saying to throw everything in and backpack around the world with nothing to support your way of life but perhaps there is a way to slowly build up a new way of life to ensure you can follow your dreams and love your life while it’s all happening.  Take a risk in life.  You might not succeed but at least you won’t regret never trying.

take a risk


8 thoughts on “Take a Risk

      1. You know how sometimes someone tells you exactly the thing you need to hear, so much so that it makes tears spring to your eyes? What you just said totally did that. Thank you.


  1. That’s how I felt yesterday when I heard a quote saying “Take a chance on faith. Not religion. Not hope. Faith. Hope is a beggar.. Hope walks through the fire.. Faith leaps over it. ” I needed to remember to believe yesterday.. I’m glad it was what you needed today .. xx


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