Watercolours of the Heart

I long to be back, breathing in the scent of a home I met only briefly.  It’s a memory of long ago, another life, another person that lingers in my soul.  If I never make it back to you Éire, hold me in your heart and I’ll stay there forever….. Livonne

On my travels 2 years ago to Ireland,  we left Galway and headed to Rossaveal to catch a ferry to the Aran Islands.  On the way we did a lot of sightseeing down little tracks to see what the smaller townships were like.

I have to find out for sure exactly where we were along the road but when I came across this little thatched cottage, I fell in love with it.   It was dilapidated but had such a charm. This is the original photograph. 


When I got home, I used Lightroom and Photoshop to make it look the way I wanted it to and to give it a paint effect.  (a close up of it to show you the effect)

ireland up close

I loved it. And I’d forgotten about it for a while being so busy with other stuff.  Then two weeks ago,  I found it again while I was looking for another photo.  This was the finished photo.

ireland up close

So this week, I thought maybe I could give it a watercolour look instead.  There are free watercolour brushes out there that enable you to give a photo that watercolour effect around the edges but there is a whole other process to go through to get the right look and colour.  I may do a tutorial on it further down the track if people would like to see how it’s done.




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