The Forgotten Miracle

Faith isn’t about blindly believing and sitting back waiting for a miracle to happen.  It’s about stepping out, without seeing the finishing line but believing it is out there, waiting for you to cross it.  Create your own miracle. If you think  they don’t happen, remember… YOU ARE ONE!….Livonne

One of the most amazing places I have visited was Notre Dame Cathedral.  A million thoughts went through my mind as I wandered through the cool interior, bathed in colour from the sun streaming through the plethora of stained glass masterpieces.  I had seen the architecture, the artwork and the statues in magazines, movies, documentaries etc but NOTHING prepared me for the beauty of watching people wandering around, bathed in colour and a hushed awe of respect.

I didn’t realise I would feel that same reverence as the rest of the people walking around in a manner of quiet respect for the beauty of the cathedral.  I truly didn’t believe I would feel the way I did.  In fact, we really hadn’t planned on visiting Notre Dame as we only had one day in Paris and had things we really wanted to do.  The train from the airport pulled up at Gare de Saint Michel and we emerged from the underground in the shadow of the building so thought we’d wander in and have a quick stroll around.  Famous last words.  We spent way too long in there in awe but it was so worth the rapid pace we had to keep up for the rest of the day.

The windows were what drew me in the most.  The colour that flooded the cathedral was indescribable.  I took so many photos of them, capturing the sun shining through them but not able to capture the beauty it produced.  It didn’t matter, that was burned into my memory.  After I’d been home quite a while, I was looking through the photos and had a thought.  I could use one to blend with another photo I’d taken in studio while studying photography and make something of them both.

As I’ve said in earlier blogs, I’m a lover of colour.  I can admire black and white photography but it’s not what I want to do.  I had this photo of one of my classmates and always loved the old world look of it but not the plain black background.  By adding the majesty and colour of the window, plus some tears and textures, I had something that I finally loved.  When I was in Notre Dame, I could feel the souls of the past and with this photo I created the emotion I felt at the time. I couldn’t see the finishing line when I took the photo but I always believed it would be something special eventually.  That’s faith.  It happens in all areas of our lives.



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