Sous Le Ciel De Paris

Under Paris skies.

Forgive the translation if it isn’t right.  This is taken from the title of an Edith Piaf song and while I don’t understand the words she sings, I understand the emotion of her voice.

Following on from yesterday’s piece of men in portraits, #manmoment here is another which was taken quite a while ago but I have just edited it now.  I took this photo of my fellow classmate and friend, Sevket, when we were studying photography.   It was a very simple black backdrop with minimal lighting set up so as to provide shadows on his face.  While I loved the photo, I was never really happy with the plainness of it.  I don’t have a simplistic style.  I appreciate it in others but it’s not who I am.

The photo always brought to mind a foggy Parisian scene but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what i wanted the finished product to look like.  I just knew the feeling I wanted it to have.  Playing around with it tonight, I put one of my favourite photos from Paris behind it and added some cloudy sky photos I had taken.  Voila!  I had the look I was going for, even if I didn’t know for sure what that was.

I have included the original photo as well as the backdrop.  By adding a few clouds and textures, Sous Le Ciel De Paris  (Under Paris Skies) brings the dream to a reality.

sous le ciel de paris




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