Where have all the young men gone (and the old ones)

I got asked last night why I don’t have any photos of men on my page.  There is a great reason for this.  No I don’t just like photographing women, but men are not as quick to put their  hand up to be a model.  I don’t know why.  Maybe they think it isn’t a blokey thing to do?  Maybe they’re just naturally more shy.  I don’t know.

What I do know is that there is certainly a gender imbalance of the photographs we see on an everyday basis.  It also means that in the future, there won’t be those amazing photos to look back on so our descendants can see who their forefathers were.  I think that’s sad.

I grew up in the instamatic generation.  All my younger photos are low quality, blurry, grainy and just generally dreadful.  I have a few better photos that were taken when I went out to a restaurant and a roving photographer came around snapping the clients.  Do you remember those days?  Thank goodness for the roving photographer.  I have at least a few photographs from that era.  They lack the atmosphere of a planned portrait but at least I can see my face clearly.  That in turn means that in the future, my grandchildren will have an idea of what I looked like when I was young.  That is important.

So come on men.  Step up to the portrait.  It doesn’t have to be all serious and brooding.  It can be fun.  It can be inventive.  It can reflect your true personality. I have quite a few male shots planned but am looking for men to be part of them. I will get them but it takes more work to convince men to pose than it does to convince a woman.

Try to make it your 2016 resolution to take lots of photos of the men in your lives so they become more comfortable in front of a camera.  We don’t want future generations growing up not knowing if they look like their grandfathers because they’ve never seen a photo of them.  I have only one photo of my grandfather and I treasure it.  I have no doubt our grandchildren and great grandchildren will feel the same way about our photos.

Expect more photos of men on my site.  I am currently working on a few previous male photoshoots and will soon have some new ones to work on.  Here now are two of my favourites of my son.  I’m determined to pass on a legacy to my future generation of family.  Join me in snapping the men in your life.  Go over to my facebook page and show me your #manmoment.





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