Song of the Siren

While I was studying photography, I kept a file of photos I wanted to try to recreate.  I had seen a photo a year or so before I started the course that I had fallen in love with.  It was a young girl in a pool with her face reflected in the water.  I did do a photoshoot to recreate the  picture during the course and while I loved it, the more I learned, the more I realised it wasn’t as good as it should have been so I wanted to do it again and again and again if that’s what it took to get it right.  As the eyes of the model are the subject of the whole shoot, I was always disappointed that I didn’t get them as clear as I would have liked.

As I was heading down to spend some time with family in my old home town,  I asked my great niece if she would pose for me in their pool and she agreed.  She has stunning eyes and I knew I wanted them for my photo.  I was determined to get clear, sharp eyes this time.

Handing my camera to my nephew, I climbed into the water and then had him hand it to me.  I’m always nervous around water with my camera for obvious reasons.  I should probably have an underwater housing for it, but since I’ve only ever done 2 shoots in water, it’s obviously not something that has been pressing.  I almost fell over in the water once, but sheer panic kept me and my camera upright.    Phew!

Kaitlyn, my model (and great niece) was terrific and did exactly what I asked of her.  After a few minutes I got back out of the water, happy with the shots I’d taken.  After some editing, I’m really happy with the result this time.  Thank you Kaitlyn for being such an easygoing model.




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