Welcome to Livonne Imagery

Welcome to Livonne Imagery.  It’s the beginning of 2016 and with the new year comes my very first post on this site.  On here you’ll find my images, both the transformography and the conceptual style photographs I take.  The home page will show all the latest news.  I’ll share sessions I’m working on and hints and tips along the way.  On the About tab, you’ll find a bit more about what makes me tick.  On the portraiture page you’ll find my transformography photographs and on the Imagination Gallery, you’ll find my conceptual photography.  Feel free to browse.  All tabs will be updated regularly, so come back at any time and see what’s new..


I long for the days when people had professional photos done on special occasions.  I look longingly at my mother’s 21st birthday photo and wish I’d done the same thing.  Her youthful beauty captured forever.  I can’t go back and do that but it’s not too late to capture who I am today.  In the eighties, glamour photography was popular.  It soon went out of fashion as it really wasn’t indicative of the REAL person but a highly edited version of what society thought we should look like.

I love taking a woman through the process of having hair, make up and wardrobe done and then making them a star for a day.  We often envy movie stars their good looks but the reality is, they have hair and make up artists and a photographer who knows how to capture their best features.  That is what I do.  Like the butterfly who spreads it’s wings and shows it’s beauty to the world, I like my clients to feel that same sense of transformation.


Imagination is one of the greatest gifts we have been given.  It takes us away from the everyday and lets us be who and what we want to be.  I have always looked at a dolls house and wished I was small enough to walk through it.  I wanted to fly with fairies, dance on clouds with angels, swim with mermaids and live in a fairy tale world.  I may not be able to physically do those things but with imagination, a camera and some editing, I can put myself in those settings.

Life’s too short to live every moment of it in reality.  Read a book, watch a movie, dance on clouds, fly with fairies.. Just escape for a while.  It’s healthy.

I’m sharing a photo I am currently working on.  I took this on New Year’s Day and am working on a fantasy scene with it.  Stay tuned for the finished product.  This is the initial shot with some basic edits.  12418878_888646997899915_8030592346645223458_o


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